Why a Cat Water Fountain is Required

Cats have a natural instinct to drink only free-flowing water. Because this habit came from their wild ancestors who drank water from springs, streams and rivers. Cats that had this habit are usually healthy compared to the cats that drank water from stagnated water.

Cat owners might have wondered as to why cats are reluctant in drinking water. This is because of their dislike to standing water and prefer running water as they know that running water is usually fresh. This leads to a lot of health problems due to insufficient intake of water. It is the owner’s duty to offer running water to the cats 24/7 to keep the pets hydrated.

What Happens when the cat has fluid deficiency

Drinking very little water leads to urinary tract problems in cats. Many cats that had less intake of water died from diseases due to urinary tract or kidney problems. Also, if cat food is dry, they don’t get the required fluids for the body to function normally, which makes the condition worse.

To avoid all these things from happening, the intake of water need to be increased by providing access to running water 24/7 to the cats. This would lead to greater of volume of urine output and this saves the cats. When the bladder is emptied more frequently, toxins will not be accumulated in the body, thus making the cats healthy.

Providing Access to Running Water

Cat Water fountains are the ideal choice to make your cats drink more water. It operates during both the day and night so that the cat can drink water whenever he wants to. There are really good cat water fountains here in the market to choose from – different materials, different types of filters to clean water and at different prices.

Why not buy one today and encourage your cat to be healthy?