Wake up to the Fresh Brew, without work!


Coffee is a food grade drug that keeps people coming back for more. It has unique properties which make it into an addiction, which only coffee lovers can relate to!

Well, in general, who doesn’t love to have a cuppa right in the bed, after a good sleep; to energise and feel refreshed? Yes, we all love, unanimously! Receiving that bed coffee on a tiring day, or a day that will keep you on your toes is real bliss.

But, we need somebody to do that, either we do for others, or others do it for you! it again becomes a work for that someone else, and if they too demand a rest, what would you do? It sounds pretty dull, what can do you under such scenario, where you need coffee right at your place badly and there is no one who could do!

No worries, this new gen coffee machine will do the work for you, and forever, until you maintain it well. Yes, we are saying the truth! There is a new coffee machine, that we bought; it does me coffee every time without any complaints and just at the right time, in the right blend!

Does it sound like a fairy tale? Nope, we are talking about smart devices that can do the work for you, once you instruct them indirectly. Yes, Wi-Fi coffee machines are the talk of the town. They are connected over Wi-Fi or network and accept any instructions from wherever you are!

You can instruct it to prepare coffee right at the time you enter your door, your coffee will be brewed, sipping hot! Even at the wake-up time, it will be ready just exactly when you want to drink. And it can do it when you have a huge crowd too; a gathering at home, nobody feels burdened. Everyone gets their perfect blend of a cuppa, in the wake of the dawn.

You can specify your bean level; it grinds it fresh and then brews. How amazing is the technology, we are in awe and Love too!