Safety Tips While Felling A Tree

Every time you use a chainsaw to cut a tree, there are several safety measures to bear in mind.


  • As a preparation, remember to check with the landowners or local authorities for rules about cutting of trees.
  • Ensure you check which direction the tree will fall after being cut. Care must be taken to ensure no property or person is caused any harm.
  • Read the instruction manual before you begin using the chainsaw

Precautionary measures:

-The person handling the chainsaw must always wear protective gear:

  • Head must be covered with helmet or hard hat
  • Eyes and ears must have proper protective gear on
  • Shoes must not be slippery or open
  • Clothes must not be excessively loose; wearing chaps is a good option.
  • Always have first aid handy
  • Never work alone and also carry all emergency contact details with you.

A gasoline powered chainsaw is a portable and effective tool. It is always a good idea to cut down trees with this. But refuelling it needs many safety measures that include:

  • Make sure the chainsaw is ‘off’ while refuelling
  • Never spill fuel over the hot machine
  • Ensure you never smoke while refuelling
  • Avoid starting the machine at the same spot where refuelling was done.
  • Use a funnel to fill gas and take care of fire especially during dry weathers.

-While feeling a tree

  • Take care to remove all wires and nails attached to the tree
  • Make sure you clear the ground where the tree is expected to fall
  • The person must steer away from the direction where the tree is expected to fall
  • Remember that hollow or rotten spots, gusts of the wind and unbalanced heavy branches may cause the tree to fall differently from what you expect.
  • While cutting trees on a slope, the person handling the saw must always stand uphill of the tree
  • Take enough safety measures to expect the tree to bounce or roll once it falls.