Ringing the Bells with Awesome Clicks!


Wedding clicks are the most cherished and memorable ones too. It reminds everything about the big day of your life. Hence the clicks need to be perfect in every possible way.

These days, probably from past 7-8 years, the pre-wedding shoot has taken up the centre space and is a must to all knottier. Wedding ritual is incomplete without the pre-wedding shoot! And people are ready to spend half the wedding charges to this one-time expenditure, which definitely makes you look back at them with all love, fun and all that was bundled up.

The wedding is an important part of everyone’s life; it’s the vow of staying together come what may! But, capturing those feelings, those exact expressions, is out of the world experience. You get to relive your life, that moment by the glimpse of those clicks, and hence candid clicks are getting into the must-haves in every couple list!

So, choosing the right location is very important, and finding them is no easy task. Here are few tips to find out the ideal place for wedding photography, shared by many people.

A meaningful place:

As we said earlier, the place for wedding photoshoots should relate to the couples, if not fully, slightly. Every individual is unique and needs a perfect location to express the real person within. A landscape is anytime fine, but if the person is not outdoor liking then the natural happiness doesn’t come, and capturing a fake isn’t the work here.

So choose a place that holds meaning in couple’s life, maybe a place of religion, a restaurant that they first met at, or a monument that stands as testimony to their love, or a place that they longed to visit together.

Make use of natural lighting:

Natural light can be replaced by anything else, so make the best use of it, to get real candid clicks. We hope the photographers know the timings to choose the outdoor clicks.

Have a shelter handy:

Outdoors aren’t always the way we expect. The weather can change and can mess with things, hence it’s suggested that you choose outdoor shoots with a shelter space handy for you. Or if there is none, try to create one, so that you can rest and resume back when weather permits.