Redecorate Your Old Bedroom

Building a home is difficult and doing the interiors is even more complicated which requires good budget. But after a few years there are some who would love to redecorate their homes. Here, let us focus on how to redecorate your bedroom with minimum expense. A few additions and deletions should do the trick.

First let us focus on the deletions which are the easiest to do.

  1. De-clutter your room by getting rid of things that are all dumped in one spot.
  2. Get rid of old worn-out pieces of furniture and electrical items.
  3. This is a bit difficult – clean your wardrobe and make space. Compartmentalizing is in vogue now.

Now time to for some new additions.

  1. Lightings – Lights create magic. They can either dampen the mood or spruce it up. You could go in for some affordable night lamps, table lamps or wall mountings.
  2. Paintings, wall hangings and artwork – A lot of people leave their bedroom walls bare. Add in a little color or create a theme and add some wall hangings and artwork that closely resembles it. You don’t have to go in for the high end goods but there are many affordable ones out there in the markets. You can also pick a few from the exhibitions held in your area.
  3. Cushions and Pillows – Who doesn’t love a fluffy bed filled with pillows? The thought itself makes you want to rest your head. Throw in a lot of colors that match the theme of the room that you are currently working on. This is one of the best ways you can add life and color to the room. Moreover, don’t just stick to one standard size. Go in for different sizes and shapes.
  4. Carpets – These definitely add a royal touch to your bedroom. No matter what flooring you have, a good looking rug can make your room look more elegant. You can go in for colorful or sober ones as well.
  5. Furniture – Now, there are not many who would buy a new cot but if you feel like your room needs a new piece of furniture then why not add a single chair or a mini couch. If you need a mini couch for your bedroom go here.
  6. Lastly if you feel like splurging then go ahead and paint your walls or go in for wallpapers. This is optional, only if there are no budget constraints or if you can find one that is pocket friendly.

It is not necessary you need to mix in all the above ideas. Based on your preference and style and also based on your room size and shape, mix and match some of these points to recreate a new bedroom.