Whether you have a job that demands constant moving or you are forced to move after your lease is over, not everyone gets to grow old in one house. As exciting it may feel to enter a new home and set things up, the packing up part is equally cumbersome.

For all those who are packing up for the first time or dread the chore, we have some pointers for you that makes the whole procedure easier.

  • Start Before hand

Even if you think you are a pro and can pack in no time. Packing an entire house usually takes longer than planned. It is best to start at least 3 weeks before the moving date.

Ensure the gadgets do not get mixed with the other packing items. Try retaining their original packing and fortify them further. Ensure they are packed in plastic or dry packing material.

  • Pack the least important things first

Things that you wont need in the 3 weeks until the move are things to be packed first. Tehse could be home decorative items like the paintings and wall hangings, books as well as party ware.

  • Have a separate packing room or corner

Assign a separate room or corner of the house where all your packing is being done. This will avoid your daily utility things from being packed before you realize and will keep the packing more organized.

  • It is pointless to empty drawers while packing

This would only mean having to additionally pack the contents of the drawers. If your have dressers that are going to be packed, then keep its contents as it is. Else you will have to arrange that as well when you get to the new location.

Then if your drawers have empty space, you can consider pushing some packing material into those to make the packing snug.

  • Don’t pack the card board boxes too heavily.

You can have multiple boxes rather than making a few very heavy. If they give way anywhere through the transition, it could create a lot of chaos.

  • Use blankets and towels as packing material

Instead of buying additional packing material and separately packing towels and bed sheets you can use these as packing material. Use them to wrap breakable vase, or decorative curios. It saves effort as well as money.

There are several other tricks but the ones above are a few of the practical ones. Use them to ensure your packing procedure is seamless.