Cool Your Home the Natural Way in Summer

Don’t let the summer heat beat you. Find out in the following article our tips on how to keep the light out in summer and enjoy these bright months of the year.The air conditioners can keep us cool, but you need to always be in your room or house. Adopt some natural ways to clean and cool your house as naturally as possible.  There are many of us who prefer the sunny warmth to cold winter/ snowy days. It is interesting to revisit the age-old techniques that people resorted to in keeping their houses clean before the invasion of air coolers and air conditioners.

When the sun’s heat is blazing and the heat no longer tolerable, there’s no option but to resort to the rhythmic hum of air-conditioning. Till such time, counter the heat and light with these tips.

  • Keep your windows open, but pull the blinds or curtains when the light is too bright. Choose natural materials like bamboo, jute, and cotton. These help to reduce and reflect the light.
  • Choose cotton over synthetic materials for your bed linen and clean/ change them regularly to keep them fresh and crisp and sweat-free.
  • Insulate your windows. Drapes, shades or blinds do keep the visible sunlight out, and help prevent your room from heating up in the peak summer months. If the heat and light gets too much, try adding an extra layer of removable sun film on your glass windows or doors to keep the temperature inside cool.
  • A well-thought-out awning can do wonders in preventing the sun’s rays from heating up a private space.
  • If you have the comfort of a yard around your house, grow trees, shrubbery and vines to keep things naturally cool and breezy in the summer months.
  • You could use electric fans to keep the air properly circulating in the house. And if you cannot avoid the AC, clean the air filters periodically and ensure you follow all the care and maintenance instructions properly.

It’s easy to adopt the natural ways and enjoy the summer. We hope these tips have been useful.