Carpet Cleaning Process

For any house to look beautiful and attractive with carpets on their floors, it is important that they keep these floors drapes clean and fresh. The process is very simple and though there are some simple DIY methods, it is always better to call the professionals once in a while to give that professional touch to your carpets. The carpet doctors from Las Vegas are real professionals and experts in doing this. Let`s now take a look at how meticulously and beautifully they do this to enhance and maintain the beauty of these beauties.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, they ensure that all the delicate and dainties are removed and kept aside like ash trays and all other breakables so that the cleaning process is done without any botheration.
  • Then the first thing that happens with the carpet is the pre-inspection. Here a technician would inspect the carpet for any possible damages or infestations and would also look for stains or soakings and notify the owner of the house about the same.
  • Then happens the next very essential treatment, the dry soil removal. This is done by using a vacuum cleaner because it is only after this that the wet process could be used effectively on the carpets.
  • To make this dry soil removal more effective and intense, a pre-spray is used that makes sure that the remaining dry soil is also removed from the tough areas.
  • Then comes the real treatment wherein the hot water extraction process is used. Under this, hot water at nominal temperatures is flushed on the carpets at the same time ensuring that they are not over wet. And then pressure is used to remove the heat and water from the carpet after cleaning.
  • After this, the experts and professionals would allow you to walk and have a look at the work being undertaken.